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Wednesday, November 04, 2015 - The Hearing Loss Community - The Hearing Loss Community

A hearing loss community brought to you by Phonak

 Real People. Real Stories. is an online community for people whose lives are affected by hearing loss. We bring together people from all around the world to share stories that inspire hope in almost any hearing loss situation.
Phonak created this site with a simple idea: Sharing our hearing loss stories with each other is a powerful thing. Together, we can learn to live with hearing loss more successfully and advocate in a more meaningful way.
Who Owns This Site?
The short answer is that if you’re a member of this community, you do.

If you’re asking who actually pays the bills to keep the lights on, the answer is Phonak. We’ve been creating systems to improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss for 60 years. If you wear hearing aids, have cochlear implants, or know someone that does, there’s a fairly good chance that they were designed by us or one of our sister companies.

We provide the funding for this site because we know that our products can only go so far in improving someone’s life. Education, peer-to-peer connections, and ongoing advocacy are what ultimately help people with hearing loss live fuller lives.

We’re excited about what this website can offer the deaf and hard of hearing community. We hope you’ll help us turn it into a valuable resource that provides its members inspiration and a voice.

To find out more about Phonak, you can visit our website here:

We’re excited about what this platform can offer the deaf and hard of hearing community. We hope you’ll help us turn this site into a valuable resource that provides others with inspiration and a voice.
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Adding wireless headphones to your HDTV

How to set up Wireless Headphones with the TV? - How-To’s

{q}With such a wide range of wireless headphones and accessories on the market at the moment, it doesn’t matter what TV you have; there will be a wireless headphone out there for your setup{{eq}

IMPORTANT: {q}If you want to receive audio via the headphones while at the same time hearing audio from the television speakers, connect the headphones to your Cable Box/Satellite Box rather than your television.

If you want to hear audio from a DVD player or similar device connected to your TV, connect the headphones to the audio out of your TV.

You may need to enable the speaker setting on your TV to hear both sources at the same time. Please refer to the operating instructions of the TV if additional assistance is needed. NOTES:

If connecting to a MONITOR OUT jack, you may have the ability to have the speakers of the TV on and also hear the audio from the wireless headphones or speakers. If connecting to an AUDIO OUT jack, it may be necessary to disable the internal speakers of the TV prior to using the wireless headphones or speakers. {EQ}

Monday, February 23, 2015

How to get started with Google headset

 [url=]How to get started with Cardboard, Google's DIY virtual reality headset[/url]